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We help leaders learn how to have more effective meetings, so they can get more done and grow their organizations.

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We help leaders learn how to have more productive and profitable meetings, so they can grow themselves and their organizations.

Every workshop, podcast episode, guide, blog post, and video will help you improve communication, gain confidence…and stop wasting time in meetings.


Our Workshops

Our workshops help leaders gain the skills and confidence they need to run highly effective meetings.


Our online workshops are highly interactive and will help you and your team build communication skills.


Our in-person workshops are hands-on, practical and a great way to improve overall team communication.

The Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop

The Effective Meetings Workshop will give you and your team the skills and inspiration to make your meetings more productive (and profitable).

In this workshop you’ll learn:

"If you would like to engage your staff or students in an interactive session, contact Gordon Sheppard. Gord will share valuable information and strategies to make your meetings worthwhile, productive and engaging."
Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop Testimonial
Marg Ralstin​
Manager - Macewan University​

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Practical Content For Business Leaders

On our blog you’ll find insightful articles, practical suggestions and the inspiration you need to improve your meetings.


Insightful conversations and practical tips to help you grow

The Meeting Leadership Podcast features offers practical information, inspiration and insights from highly experienced leaders.

Our Podcast Features The Best Experts In Business

Deborah Rosati - Meeting Leadership Podcast Guest

Deborah Rosati

CEO, Women Get On Board

Mike House - Meeting Leadership Podcast - Effective Meetings

Mike House

CEO, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Dan Pontefract - Meeting Leadership Podcast - Effective Meetings

Dan Pontefract

CEO, The Pontefract Group

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