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Working Together To Help You And Your Team Grow Your Leadership Skills And Learn How To Run Highly Effective Meetings

  • Are bad meetings hurting your profitability?
  • Are you ready to make a change?


The first step is to talk with you so we can learn about where you are, how you got there, and most importantly, where you want to go.

Once we understand where you are and where you want to go, we'll work with you to build an action plan.

We help you and your team take action by delivering the solution that you've chosen.

Changing meeting culture is tough but worthwhile. That's why we build in a follow-up process to ensure that you and your team are accountable and actually applying what you've learned.


Training is only worthwhile if it gets applied. That's why we work with you before during and after the training. Before we teach, we talk with key people in your organization to truly understand why you need this training. Next, we deliver a practical training solution that you can apply immediately. Afterwards, we follow up to ensure that you're taking action by applying what you've learned. Our proven training solutions include:

  • In-Person Workshops
  • Online Workshops
  • Executive Training
  • Customized Training
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Consulting


Need a professional facilitator for your next meeting? Gord Sheppard has run or participated in more than 2000 meetings over his 25 year career. He will work with you before, during and after to make sure that you get the most out of your most important meetings. Gord has successfully worked across sectors to facilitate a variety of meetings including:

  • Board meetings
  • Conflict resolution meetings
  • Strategy development meetings
  • Innovation meetings
  • Executive meetings
  • Community meetings and more


Gord Sheppard is a practical and entertaining speaker who can make an audience laugh while delivering solid meeting improvement tools and tips that your audience can apply immediately. Having facilitated, run & participated in more than 2000 meetings, Gord has seen it all!

With more than 25 years of Strategic Management, Facilitation, Communications, and Marketing experience, combined with a ‘straight-forward’ approach to helping people to reach their goals, Gord knows what it takes to help your audience take action so they can make their next meeting more productive and profitable!

So if you’re looking for the right balance of entertainment and high-impact information, then Gord is the right choice for your event.


Ready to take your organization to the next level? After we get your meetings on track you can work directly with Gord Sheppard to improve your entire organization. Gord has worked with senior leaders across sectors to help them make more effective decisions. He does this by combining more than 25 years of work experience with a  Masters Degree in Business and Prosci Change Management Certification to deliver a practical approach that will help you discover and prioritize the options you need to help your organization prosper.




  • Your meetings were wasting time and money
  • You lacked confidence as a leader
  • You didn't have a way to train new meeting leaders
  • Staff morale was poor and results were awful
  • You didn't have the ability to train staff and clients through an online platform
  • You needed a better way to commincate with your staff, customers and community – but you didn't know where to start


  • Your meetings are highly productive and profitable
  • Your are building leadership capacity throughout your organization
  • You and your team look forward to meetings
  • Staff morale is improved and results have improved
  • You now have the ability to communicate at a significantly higher level with everyone in your organization, your customers and your community


Gordon Sheppard
Gordon SheppardPresident

Gord Sheppard is on a mission to create awesome meetings for you and your organization. With Gord, you can say goodbye to unproductive meetings and say hello to energized meetings with real conversations that build profitability!

During his 25 years of work experience, Gord has facilitated, run and participated in more than 2000 meetings! He is a Professional Speaker, Meeting Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer who combines a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, and Prosci Change Management Certification, to deliver a unique, people-centred approach that will help you make your next meeting more productive and profitable.

Gord is the Author of ‘How To Create Awesome Meetings’ which offers a proven 10-step system that will help you take action and turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

Gord has worked successfully with CEOs, Executives, Managers, Employees, Students and Volunteers across all sectors. You can hire Gord to facilitate meetings, help you build your organization strategy, do leadership development, coach your team, speak at your event, or do a customized meeting improvement workshop and more.

Gord is also a proud husband, father, brother and dog-walker. He also loves hockey, playing guitar, mentoring and volunteering for worthy causes like www.100MenYEG.com.

If you’d like to learn more about how Gord is changing the world, one meeting at a time, then get in touch at gord@meetingleadershipinc.com


Our clients understand that by improving the way they communicate to each other, and to the people they serve, that they can positively transform their organizations.

Our clients include motivated leaders who want to drive accountability and productivity throughout their organizations. We also help people who have undergone a ‘title change' and who are now leading teams that need to have productive meetings. We also help clients learn how to take control of how they educate each other and their customer.

We work with a variety of organizations across sectors including; Corporations; Small Businesses; Associations; Non-Profits; Institutions; Governments and more.

Our approach has been put into action by thousands of leaders around the world and we welcome the opportunity to help you take action too.


“Gord has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us to produce great results that are truly actionable.”

“Our entire team of 8 thoroughly enjoyed working with Gord.  He efficiently brought to our team clear and helpful ways to navigate meetings, a SWOT analysis and the start of a strategic plan.  He has an excellent “read” on people and their roles and brings a multitude of ideas on how to access information and support from community sources.  Well worth the time and money.”

Rosemary McMahon - Meeting Leadership Inc. TestimonialRosemary McMahon, Program Manager - Edmonton Catholic School Board LINC

“I enjoyed this event (Gord's Truth About Healthcare Meetings presentation) and took away several nuggets that I can implement into my meeting structure to create some quick wins in facilitating efficient and effective meetings. I appreciated Gord’s knowledge from an “outside of health care” view and the group participation to enlist rich ideas from allied professionals”.

“I put my trust in Gord to create a meeting that would make good use of the time they were spending in the room that day, and he did not disappoint.”

The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is a young organization (founded in 2014), but, we have the benefit of having a number of experienced and talented Board Members. Gord was very helpful in getting this diverse group of individuals working together efficiently, effectively with purpose and some fun.”

“Within an hour, Gord had helped us formulate a plan that would take The Rainbow Society of Alberta to a new level by embracing and re-engaging our Board of Directors as well as our existing sponsors and donors.”

“If you would like to engage your staff or students in an interactive session, contact Gord Sheppard. Gord will share valuable information and strategies to make your meetings worthwhile, productive and engaging.”

“Working with Gord has radically changed how I view my business and these changes are already leading to new growth for my company.”