If you want to strategically improve your organization by working directly with me, then I look forward to hearing from you.

I have deep experience working as a consultant with senior leaders across a variety of sectors. I always let people know that I'm not the ‘answer guy', but I will help you to explore all the options you need to consider to make the best decisions for your organization.

I deliver a people-centred consulting approach by combining the insights I have gained from meeting leadership development with:

  • Over 25 years of work experience
  • A Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Drama
  • Prosci Change Management Certification

Whatever Organizational Challenge You're Facing, I Can Help (or refer the expert who can)

I work with senior leaders in a variety of settings including:

  • 1 X 1 Coaching
  • Corporate Board Meetings
  • Non-Profit Board Meetings
  • Corporate Staff Meetings
  • Mediation Meetings between Managers and their Staff
  • Community Meetings
  • Sport Association Meetings
  • Safety Meetings
  • and more!


“I saw immediate results after attending Gord’s training.  Key Board Members began implementing action steps sooner and following through with more focus and clarity.  Even after  2 hours with Gord, his training ignited greater awareness among team members which led to increased productivity and a higher standard of performance.”

Lisa Vanderkwaak, Board Chair – Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

“Over the years, I have been part of numerous planning sessions, but I have to say that Gord’s ability to get straight to the point and see through all of the cloudiness is inspirational. He has an uncanny gift of being able to read individuals and situations, while bringing out their best in a very short amount of time. He helped us to produce great results that are truly actionable.”

Cyndie Annett, Chair – Special Olympics Alberta-Edmonton

“Having gathered a group of smart and powerful people to consult on a potential new project, I was nervous; these were not people with time to waste. I put my trust in Gord to create a meeting that would make good use of the time they were spending in the room that day, and he did not disappoint. Somehow, he simultaneously fostered a relaxed and casual atmosphere while keeping us on topic and on schedule. He ushered us through an extremely productive and rewarding conversation but never gave us any feeling of being controlled or overly formal. Not only did we accomplish our objectives, several of my attendees commented to me afterwards on the quality of the meeting and the facilitation. I’m grateful to have had Gord in my corner that day.”

Nadine Riopel – Facilitator and Community Organizer


I have also delivered successful Consulting, Training & Facilitation Projects for clients in these areas:


  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Alberta Dairy Council
  • Alberta Racquetball Association
  • Arch Enterprises and Training Association
  • CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • Canadian Condominium Institute – North Alberta Chapter
  • CQA – Canadian Quilter’s Association
  • ECAA – Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta
  • Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association (ECALA)
  • Edmonton Police
  • EmployAbilities
  • Londonderry Child Development Society
  • MacEwan University Staff Association
  • Nellie L. McClung Educational Society

Government Sector

  • Alberta Computers for Schools
  • AITF – Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
  • Government of Alberta: Legislative Assembly of Alberta
  • Government of Alberta: Environment & Sustainable Resource Development
  • Government of Alberta: Tourism Parks & Recreation
  • RCMP

Chambers of Commerce

  • Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
  • Morinville Chamber of Commerce
  • Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce

Education Sector

  • MacEwan University – Student Ambassador Program
  • Red Deer College
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Nursing
  • University of Alberta – Peter Lougheed Leadership College

Private Sector

  • Alberta Venture
  • ATB Financial
  • Century Vallen
  • DOW Agrosciences
  • Ellis Don Construction
  • Flint Energy Services
  • Fortis Alberta
  • Jiffy Lube
  • KBR
  • 7-Eleven
  • South Rock Road Builders
  • Trican Well Service
  • UFA
  • United Way of the Alberta Capital Region
  • Weyerhaeuser

Non-Profit Sector

  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  • Edmonton Opera
  • Fringe Theatre Adventures
  • Kids Up Front
  • Litfest
  • Special Olympics Alberta
  • Special Olympics Edmonton
  • United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Small Business Sector

  • Allendale Renovations Refined
  • Edmonton Motors
  • Londonderry Dodge
  • Maligne Lake Tours
  • Three Tall Women
  • Yachimec Auto Group

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