Check out how MLI is changing the world, one meeting at a time.


Million Meeting Mentors (MMM) advances Meeting Leadership development through mentoring. Inspired by Million Women Mentors, MMM has a goal to create a ‘meeting mentorship' culture in both organizations and communities. How will it work?

  1. Identify outstanding meeting leaders within your organization or community
  2. Ask them if they want to mentor other meeting leaders to help them learn how to run more effective meetings
  3. Once they have agreed, then pair the meeting mentor with a facilitator who needs help (CEO, Board Chair, Manager, Executive Director)
  4. Meeting #1 – The meeting mentor observes the facilitator as they lead a meeting – and then goes for coffee to give notes to the facilitator
  5. Meeting #2 – The meeting mentor leads the next meeting – so the facilitator can observe and learn – and then they go for coffee to exchange notes
  6. Ongoing – the meeting mentor will be available for short consultations with the facilitator as needed

Imagine what would happen within your organization or community if there were a number of outstanding meeting mentors to learn from. Not only would your individual meetings improve, but all the new meeting leaders will have a resource to draw upon so they can become outstanding facilitators.

Million Meeting Mentors will dramatically improve the meeting cultures within our communities and organizations. When we optimize the way we meet, then we can grow our productivity and ultimately, change the world.

Want to find out how you can start a Million Meeting Mentors program in your organization or community? Then get in touch – – 1-855-466-7875


How it works

  1. Get at least 100 guys in a room with representative from 3 local charities
  2. Each guy brings $100
  3. A representative from each charity gets about 10 minutes each to tell the guys about their cause
  4. There is a vote
  5. The charity with the most votes receives the cash (from $10,000 to $22,000)
  6. The other two charities receive at least $3000 dollars in cash and sponsorship
  7. The guys get a charitable donation receipt

Since 2015 more 100MenYEG has raised more than $250,000 for 42 charities in Edmonton. No overhead. 100% of the cash goes to charity.

I support 100MenYEG because it's a great way to give back, meet wonderful philanthropists and support charities that I already know, and charities that I would never have been aware of.

Please join me in supporting 100MenYEG by

  1. Attending a meeting
  2. Telling a friend about it
  3. Visiting their website at