As a leader, are you ready to learn how to take ACTION effectively?

If you want to learn a proven structure for organizational success then listen to episode #144 on the Meeting Leadership Podcast!

In this episode we interview Leanne Brownoff, a successful Business Coach and Author who ensures that all of her clients follow a measured approach as they move forward.

In this episode you’re going to learn ‘How Every Leader Can Take ACTION’.

Some of the key takeaways you’ll learn include:

  • Why awareness must infiltrate your business
  • The ACTION acronym (Awareness, Commitment, Team, Implementation, Opportunities, Next)
  • Why leaders must learn to lead from behind
  • Why everyone on your team needs to feel your commitment
  • How to ‘fire yourself’ as a leader
  • How to take advantage of new opportunities and more


Leanne Brownoff

Leanne is a business coach, author and speaker, specializing in team building, goal creation and strategy development. Her eclectic career began as a Registered Dietitian and by taking the path of opportunity, she found herself strategizing in boardrooms with key decision makers redefining companies, strengthening teams and developing leaders. With both international and local experiences in a variety of industries, her coaching spans the diverse areas of health and wellness, retail and manufacturing, design and construction and hospitality. Leanne works with both seasoned business owners as well as artisans and start-up operations. She provides management and executive coaching services focusing on goals, KPI strategies, communication, culture and team building, awareness and creating opportunities.  

She was a feature writer for the Edmonton Journal for 12 years, taking a break to launch her new book Freezing My Ass Off on Kilimanjaro- The entrepreneur’s survival guide for building traction on a changing business terrain. This book features her business and life approach utilizing the A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan, to succeed when the world is constantly changing.  As she successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro, she references the climb as a perfect metaphor for dealing with the real struggles all businesses experience. 

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