If you want to learn from an inspired leader who helps to raise 100s of millions of dollars to help sick children get better, then you’re going to really enjoy listening to episode #151 on the Meeting Leadership Podcast.

That’s because we’re interviewing Mike House, the President and CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In this episode you’ll learn from Mike about:

• The importance of storytelling when it comes to fundraising

• How Mike removed some of his own limiting beliefs after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

• How to inspire others (even when you might not be feeling inspired yourself)

• How to listen deeply and build successful bridges with the people you work with

• The value of hiring a professional business coach

• How to run a highly effective meeting

• The fact that Mike himself underwent a life-saving surgery when he was a kid, which has inspired him to work hard for the benefit of others and a whole lot more

Mike House

Mike House is the president & CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Mike previously served as the assistant dean, development & stakeholder relations for the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta. Under Mike’s leadership, the Alberta School of Business garnered more than $40 million from various donors, corporations and alumni, including the School’s Preservation of the Name campaign that raised $21 million in pledges over 24 months.

From 2000 to 2005, Mike was a senior consultant with KCI Ketchum Canada, where he managed fundraising campaigns ranging from $5 million to $25 million. Working throughout Alberta, Mike has been a part of many noteworthy capital campaigns for a variety of organizations in health, education and social services, including STARS Air Ambulance, Canadian Cancer Society, Lakeland College and Discovery House Women’s Shelter in Calgary.

Prior to his direct work in the fundraising profession, Mike enjoyed an extensive and productive career as a senior marketing and communications leader in the arts and culture sector. He has worked in senior positions throughout the US and Canada at such organizations as the Edmonton Opera and The Citadel Theatre

in Edmonton, Alberta, Theatre Projects in Calgary and the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

His academic credentials include an MBA specializing in finance and an undergraduate business degree in marketing from the University of Alberta. Mike also holds a CFRE designation that is recognized internationally within the fundraising profession.

You can get in touch with Mike at https://www.stollerykids.com/
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