Interactive and engaging, our Effective Meetings Online Workshop will help you and your team gain the skills and confidence you need to run more productive and profitable meetings. Based on the proven Meeting Leadership Solution 10-Step System (see detailed description below), in this online workshop you'll learn:

  • How to calculate the actual cost of a meeting so that you don’t waste a single second

  • How to become an outstanding facilitator who builds highly engaging AGENDAs that people actually want to read

  • How to fight…so you can really get along

  • How to connect every meeting to your organizational strategy

  • How to follow up FAST and be more accountable

  • How to get inspired and take action!

Effective Meetings Online Workshop



  • The Meeting Leadership Workbook

    Each student gets a pdf copy of the 39-Page Workbook – so they can take notes and focus on key learnings during this dynamic online training

  • The Meeting Leadership Solution Book

    Each student gets a pdf copy of the 189-page book that contains a full explanation of the Meeting Leadership Solution 10-Step System

  • Instructions In Advance

    Each student will receive instructions about what's expected of them during this interactive workshop, along with a Zoom link and password so they can log in


Effective Meetings Workshop - Online
  • 3-hour, Highly Interactive Session

    The online Zoom session begins with hearing from each individual about their biggest meeting challenges (and we talk about how to fix them). Then students are then introduced to the Meeting Leadership Solution 10-Step System (see detailed description below).

    As we learn each step together the students will participate in small group Zoom break-out rooms. In groups of 2, students will learn about themselves and how to get inspired. In groups of 3, students will get hands-on experience managing conflict. In groups of 4, students will explore how to become outstanding meeting facilitators.

    Throughout the session we will refer to specific concepts and checklists in the Meeting Leadership Solution Workbook. This helps learners retain the concepts so they can immediately apply them to make their next meeting more productive and profitable.

  • Experienced Instructor

    The Effective Meetings Online Workshop is taught by Gordon Sheppard, a meeting leadership expert who has run and participated in more than 2000 meetings! (see bio below)

  • Technical Support

    Our experienced instructors also provide all necessary technical support so your session on Zoom rund seamlessly.

  • Networking

    During this interactive session students will also have multiple opportunities to get to know each other so they can expand their networks


Effective Meetings Online Workshop
  • Certificate Of Completion

    You'll get a certificate of completion that says you completed the Effective Meetings Online Workshop

  • Continuing Professional Development Credits (CPD, PD)

    Many Professionals who have completed the Effective Meetings Workshop have received 3 hours of Professional Development Credits from their Association (APEGA, CPHR, AICPA, PMI etc.). So check with your Professional Association to see if this training is eligible.

  • Session Recording

    We can also provide a recording of the session so you and your team can get reminders about key learnings in the future

  • Follow-Up

    Your Instructor is always just an email away if you have any follow-up questions after the session


“If you would like to engage your staff or students in an interactive session, contact Gord Sheppard. Gord will share valuable information and strategies to make your meetings worthwhile, productive and engaging.”

Marg Ralstin, Manager, Student Leadership Development and Community Engagement – MaceEwan University

“I enjoyed this event (Gord’s Truth About Healthcare Meetings presentation) and took away several nuggets that I can implement into my meeting structure to create some quick wins in facilitating efficient and effective meetings. I appreciated Gord’s knowledge from an “outside of health care” view and the group participation to enlist rich ideas from allied professionals”.

Darren Crawford, Care Manager - Alberta Health Services, Addiction & Mental Health

“I’ve attended meetings in the past that have lacked efficiency and effectiveness, and by using Gord’s 10 tips for creating meeting agendas, I am excited to have more productive and profitable meetings in the future.”

Nicole Blomme, Employer Relations Specialist - MacEwan University



Here's What Professionals Get in the Effective Meetings Online Workshop:

  • Outstanding Instruction from Meeting Leadership Expert, Gordon Sheppard
  • Hands-on, small group exercises in virtual break-out rooms
  • Meeting Leadership Solution Workbook – 39-page downloadable pdf (Value: $25)
  • Meeting Leadership Solution Book – 186-page downloadable pdf (Value: $15)
  • Meeting Leadership Solution Audiobook – 3 h 22 min. – downloadable mp3 (Value: $40)
  • May be eligible for 3 hours of CPD credits (check with your Professional Association)
  • Session recording for organizations
  • The skills and confidence you and your team need to improve your next meeting


  • Per student and group rate pricing available
  • Ask about our group rate discounts


  • Call 1-855-466-7875 to book now
  • Or email info@meetingleadershipinc.com for details

The Meeting Leadership Solution 10-Step System

The Meeting Leadership Solution, 10-Step system is built for professionals who want better meetings today!

STEP 1. Get Real With Yourself

In this step you'll discover techniques that will help you take responsibility for how you act during a meeting. So whether you're the facilitator or a participant, the techniques you learn in step 1 will make you more effective in every meeting you attend.

Step 2: Get Real With Your Team

In this step you'll find practical ways to help you build trust with your meeting teammates. From effective listening techniques, to ensuring that you know how to fight effectively, the techniques you'll learn in this section will increase productivity in your meetings.

Step 3: Know Your Total Meeting Cost

How much are you spending per hour to meet with your team? This section will help you figure out how to measure the actual cost of a meeting which will then allow you to determine whether or not your meetings are actually worth having.

Step 4: Get A Great Facilitator

In this step you'll learn how to rate your current meeting leader. Once you determine their competency level, then you can decide whether or not they ‘gotta grow' or ‘gotta go'.

Step 5: Link The Meeting To Your Strategy

Find out how you can stop any meeting, at any moment, and connect that moment directly to your organizational strategy. Once you learn this and apply this powerful technique, your meetings will give you a competitive edge within your industry.

Step 6: Build A Blockbuster AGENDA

Imagine what it would be like if every one of your meetings was as exciting as your favourite Hollywood blockbuster movie? Well, in step 6 you'll find out how to do just that by creating inspiring agendas in a new and unique way.

Step 7: Meet In The Right Space

Where you meet matters as much as what you are meeting about. So step 7 will help you consider everything you need to create an exceptional meeting space that inspires your team to achieve greatness during meetings.

Step 8: Get Awesome Meeting Resources

No two meetings are the same. What worked for you last time may not work for you again. Because of this you need a variety of tools to help you optimize every meeting you attend. As a result, step 8 offers great book titles, articles, and links to information and inspiration that will help you make your next meeting exceptional.

Step 9: Follow Up FAST

Want to make more money? Have happier customers? Engaged staff? A more effective Board? Then you will want to learn to use our FAST techniques after every meeting you attend.

Step 10: Take Action and get inspired!

In this step we'll help you to figure out how to get inspired so you can immediately improve your meeting culture.

Meeting Leadership Solution Book
Effective Meetings Online Workshop
Effective Meetings Online Workshop
Effective Meetings Online Workshop
Effective Meetings Online Workshop
Effective Meetings Online Workshop
Effective Meetings Online Workshop


Gordon Sheppard - Effective Meetings Online Workshop Instructor

Gordon Sheppard

Gordon Sheppard is a Professional Meeting Facilitator, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant who combines 25 years of business experience with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Prosci Change Management Certification to help his clients profitably achieve their goals.

He is also the Author of the “Meeting Leadership Solution” and the host of the Meeting Leadership Podcast, which helps professionals to grow their leadership skills and learn how to run highly effective meetings!

You can learn more about Gordon at https://meetingleadershipinc.com