Presentation Skills Workshop

A practical approach to help professionals deliver highly engaging presentations.

In-person or virtual.

Presentation Skills

Gord helps professionals learn how to Deliver Highly Engaging presenations

Are you afraid to deliver a presentation at work? Have you ever fallen asleep during a presentation by a really smart colleague that just had no idea how to present to an audience?

Having the ability to deliver an engaging presentation is an essential skill for all professionals.

Because when you deliver a a memorable presentation, then not only will you get your point across, but you’ll also inspire the people on your team and beyond.

Are you ready to improve your presentation skills forever? Find out how the Presentation Skills Workshop can help you and your team learn how to do this.

Gord Sheppard - Presentation Skills Workshop


How This Workshop Will Improve Your Presentations

When you deliver the right presentation, you will grow the overall profitability for everyone in your audience. Because they will get the information they need to move themselves and their projects forward.

Did you spend too much time getting ready for your last presentation? In this workshop you’ll learn how save time by efficiently consolidating key points and preparing relevant presentation slides.

Not only will this workshop help you gain more confidence, but it will also help you learn how to inspire your audience so they can take immediate action after your talk.

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Our clients

This workshop has been researched and designed for leaders who want to improve their Presentation Skills including Business Leaders, Owners, Professionals, Non-Profit Leaders, Managers, Board Members and Volunteers.

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What You'll Learn In This Workshop


In this workshop you’ll learn how to become an engaging presenter who can deliver memorable stories and information. 


Find out how to build powerpoint slides that excite your team and improve results. 


Learn how to become more confident so you can impress your colleagues and motivate your bosses.


We’ll teach you how to connect every presentation directly to your organization strategy, so you can make every presentation count! 


We’ll also show you techniques that will help you inspire your team, so you can take action and get great results!

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How we’ve helped thousands of leaders improve their communication skills.

Your Instructor

Gordon Sheppard

Gordon Sheppard is an experienced workshop instructor, organization consultant and leadership coach who is passionate about helping leaders to succeed.

He has delivered successful workshops across Canada and the United States for organizations including; AICPA; APEGA; PMI Northern Alberta; Economic Developers Association of Alberta; Calgary and Area Medical Staff Society; CPHR Alberta; MARCOM;

University of Alberta; King’s University; Concordia University; Burman University; Rotary District 5360; Alberta Girl Guides; ATB Financial: APC – Administrative Professionals Conference and more.

He combines a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, and Prosci Change Management Certification to deliver a unique, people-centred approach that helps leaders to succeed.

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What You'll Learn In This Workshop

Presentation Skills Workbook

Each student will recieve the 16-Page Presentation Skills workbook (pdf). In this workbook you’ll find summary notes, exercises and checklists for the entire Presentation Skills system.

An Interactive Session

This workshop combines all learning styles including interactive lectures, hands-on work groups, role-play, video recording and quiet self-reflection. This approach ensures that learners will be able to retain key concepts and apply them to improve their presentations

An Experienced Instructor

Gordon Sheppard is a highly experienced corporate trainer who has help thousands of professionals to improve their communication abilities.

Hands-On Experience

In this workshop you’ll be able to practice delivering a presentation, dealing with nerves, and inspiring your audience. So you can go back to work and immediately apply the key concepts you’ve learned! 

Instructions In Advance

Whether it’s in-person or online, each student will receive instructions in advance so they can get the most out of this workshop. For example, online participants will get a Zoom link, password, and instructions about how to login. 

A Great Networking Opportunity

During this interactive session you’ll also have a chance to connect with your colleagues, share presentation stories and help each other learn how to improve. 

Certificate Of Completion

At the end you’ll receive a certificate of completion, so you can let your colleagues know that you completed the Presentation Skills Professional Development Workshop. 

Professional Development Credits

Many professionals who have completed the workshop have received up to 3 hours of PD credits from their Association (APEGA, CPHR, AICPA, PMI etc.). Check with your Association to see if this training is eligible. 

More Engaging Presentations

Investing in the Presentation Skills Workshop will ultimately lead to better presentations for you and your team! 

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Booking Details

You can register individually, or inquire about booking this workshop for your corporate team, conference or training event. 

The workshop can be delivered via  Zoom, or it can also be delivered in-person, at your office or conference. 

This is a 1/2 day workshop, but it can also be delivered in two parts or as a Keynote presentation.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your corporate team, event or conference. 

Many professionals who have completed the workshop have received up to 3 hours of PD credits from their Association (APEGA, CPHR, AICPA, PMI etc.). Check with your Association to see if this training is eligible. 

Successful presentations are the lifeblood of great leaders, because not only do engaging talks help them to get their points across, but they also help them to move their organizations forward.

Hire Gord Today!

Gord will be happy to speak with you so you can find if he’ll be the right fit to help your team get the most out of their next presentation.

Workbook Overview

Presentation Skills Workbook

Presentation Skills Workshop - by Gord Sheppard

The Presentation Skills Workbook is a practical tool that helps professionals to deeply learn all 7-Steps in the "PRESENT' system.

Presentation Skills Workshop by Gord Sheppard

Easy-To-Remember Acronyms

For example, one of the key learnings in the workshop is to teach leaders how to use the word PRESENT to help them build powerful presentations.

Presentation Skills Workshop - by Gord Sheppard - Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Every student who completes the workshop will receive a certificate of completion, which you’ll find in the workbook.

Workbook Description

Learn how to 'PRESENT'

The PRESENT system is for professionals who want to deliver outstanding presentations.

P - Prepare Your Content
In this step you'll learn how to enhance your research skills and build powerpoint slides that have the right amount of detail to truly engage your audience.
R - Rehearse Your Presentation
In this step you'll learn how to use video to record yourself and identify the top three things you need to remember as a presenter. You'll also get practical tips to help you speed up the rehearsal process.
E - Engage Your Audience
This step will help you start your presentation off with a bang! In it you'll learn how to highlight the most important part of your presentation, so you can grab your audience's attention and hold it for the rest of the presentation.
S - Storytelling is Key
Too many presentations get lost in technical details. So in this step you'll learn how to find compelling stories that can be used throughout your presentation to get your main points across.
E - Educate Your Audience
Many professionals know a lot about their subject matter, but they aren't quite sure how much to include in their presentations. So, in this step, you'll learn the rule of 3 and how to make sure that the audience walks away with the most important things they need to take action.
N - Nail It With A Great Conclusion
People won't remember most of what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. So, in this step you'll learn how to make a strong final impression on your audience.
T - Track Your Progress & Improve
In this step we'll help you determine the main areas you need to work on to deliver effective presentations. You'll also learn how to diarize your results so you can make continuous improvements in the future.

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What You Get In This Workshop

presentation skills Workbook

An Interactive Session

An Experienced Instructor

Hands-On Experience

Instructions In Advance

A Great Networking Opportunity

Certificate Of Completion

Professional Development Credits

highly engaging presentations


Media Appearances Include

Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker - Appeared on Global Television
Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker - Appeared on Charity Village
Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker - Appeared on CBC Radio
Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker - Appeared on CTV Morning Live

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Notable Appearances Include

MEG Energy - Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop

Thanks again to MEG Energy for bringing me back to present the Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop – online! This group of highly engaged professionals shared openly and they were eager to grow their communications skills. 

APEGA Logo - Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop - Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta APEGA Nexus Conference 2021 (online)

I really enjoyed presenting to more than 275 people at the APEGA Nexus Online Conference on June 9, 2021! I also appreciated the great reviews and look forward to working with APEGA in the future.

“APEGA’s premier PD event brings together new and seasoned professional engineers and geoscientists for two days of expert-led sessions on industry innovation, technical competence, and regulation in Alberta.”

AICPA Conference - Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker

AICPA Women's Global Leadership
Summit 2019 San Diego, California, USA

It was great to present ‘The Truth About Meetings For Executives (and how to fix them…)” at the AICPA Women’s Global Leadership Summit 2019 on November 7, 2019 in San Diego, California! And if you are a woman looking for a great leadership training conference then visit their website to learn more.

EFCL - Edmonton Confederation of Community Leagues Alive Conference - Gordon Sheppard - Professional Speaker

Edmonton Confederation of Community Leagues Leagues Alive Conference
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I really enjoyed delivering the Keynote speech  at the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Annual Conference on October 26, 2019! And if you want to learn more about the great work that EFCL does to support your community, then visit the website. 

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