How To Become An Effective Meeting Facilitator Right Now

How much will your next meeting cost? $1,000/hour? $5,000/hour? Does your current meeting leader help your company make more money by effectively facilitating profitable meetings? Or do they have a style that kills productivity and morale? When I work as a Professional Meeting Facilitator I turn mediocre meetings into energized and focussed experiences for everyone involved. So [...]

How To Become An Effective Meeting Facilitator Right Now2019-08-22T19:38:25-05:00

3 Ways To Build Outstanding Meetings Today

Love them or hate them we all have go to meetings. Everyday. At work. At home. At the Dentist. Pretty much everywhere we go. And with all the hours we spend in meetings we should be productivity all-stars by now. Right? Wrong... According to FreshTracks here are “Ten Reasons Why Meetings Fail” No agenda = [...]

3 Ways To Build Outstanding Meetings Today2019-09-14T14:22:08-05:00

Why I Facilitate Outstanding Meetings

My Why Want to know why I love facilitating outstanding meetings? Because if I can help a group of people learn how to have an outstanding meeting, then they can do it again and again. By having outstanding meetings then those people can build a great organization. Once they build a great organization, then they [...]

Why I Facilitate Outstanding Meetings2019-09-14T14:19:04-05:00
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